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Thursday afternoon was a bit exciting for me. As I mentioned before I was visiting my friend Robin. We were going to do a little catch up and talk about the eating plan I’m doing now and go to the whole foods market to buy some groceries.

Before I even left the house, I packed up the left overs from the night before. I brought the zucchini salad and gazpacho soup from the night before that. It was just about noon when I called her on the cell and told her I was almost to her house and suggested why don’t we have lunch at your house…’I brought something special for you to try’.

We had Zucchini Salad and she had the Gazpacho Soup. I did look around her kitchen to see if she had any banana’s first, but she didn’t. Because wouldn’t you know, that was on the menu plan for day #3. So I had just a little bit of salad, hoping I would get some bananas at the grocery store later and not make the entire eating plan a wash for the day. Well unfortunately, it was going to be a wash day… read on!!!!

As our day progressed, we stopped off at Lowes so she could pick up a new toilet seat and then we headed to the whole foods store. Where I immediately put a package of bananas into my basket and started to eat one in the store. I was feeling a little empty in my belly and felt this would make up for not eating the banana’s earlier.

Well after circling the store several times, making sure I had gotten everything… we were finally done. We dropped all the bags in the car trunk, where I got another banana. Boy I was really hungry.!!

We were off to our final stop, the dermatologists office. I was going to drop Robin off and babysit her boy R.J. for about 30 minutes, while she got(botox)!! Well it turns out he was hungry, so she suggested I take him to Burger King across the street. I said o.k., and that’s where we headed.

With no cares or worries in the world we walked in and got in line, looked at the menu and I started asking him, “R.J. what do you want?” After about the second or third time, I took it upon myself to order for him, a hambuger, fries and soda kids meal (he’s only 4). The longer I stood in that line and waited for his food, I started to enjoy the smells coming out of the kitchen… and I was stopping myself the entire time from giving in to my temptations. It was really bad, when I got the food and brought it to the table where R.J. sat down. I started pulling out the burger to unwrap it…. and wanted to take a bite, then the fries. Oh! They were so tempting, but I sat there, like a good girl and watched the little guy as he ate his food. Trying desperately to get him to finish fast so we could leave!!!!

Then it was homeward bound…. and as I was driving home I realized I didn’t get my 8oz of carrot juice. I figured I would make it when I got home and then start preparing dinner. Well as it turned out, my fiancees’ son came over for a visit and I was in the kitchen making food for them and for myself. It got to be a little hairy at points, because I still didn’t get to drink my carrot juice and I was making 4 different things at once. As I made the carrot soup, I added more juice to it to somehow make up for my lack of the mid afternoon juicing.

In addition to the food I made for my fiancee and his son(noodles & cabbage), I made cabbage salad and the carrot soup. I didn’t however make the veggie nut loaf, because there was overnight prep work to be done there.

I really need to step this up and look at the directions to these meals better… so I can get the full benefit of this plan. This will be the second time I’ve missed an entree because of overnight prep work!!!

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