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Having a much better day than yesterday… but I still have a tinge of a headache.
So I called my girlfriend who made me aware of this eating plan, and she reminded me it’s probably a caffeine headache. And the light bulb went on and everthing makes sense now.

Remember when I said I changed my coffee drink to a green tea on Sunday… well that’s the first time I stopped drinking coffee in years. And the other stomach irregularities she explained as detoxing.!!!! This is making perfect sense now.

I know now what I’m doing is a total shock to my system. And my system is letting me know, sometimes in the most uncomfortable way.

So now, I’m waiting for the sweet potatoes to bake. I’ve alreaady prepared my salad and I’m reviewing my grocery list for tomorrow. I’ve never been to the market so many times in one week, than I’ve been this week.


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I have to admit, yesterday was quite a pill of a day. I was so excited juicing my first carrot juice cocktail at 9am… and then by 11am I was famished. So I had some apples as the plan suggested.

I sat down to read some papers and it seems my body freaked out!!! I was having alot of activity in my belly and at one point I raced to the restroom thinking I was going to throw up. Nothing happened, but it was weird! And my head was aching the whole day too.

I felt so sickly, I forgot to have my mid afternoon 8oz carrot, celery juice.

But I managed to bring myself together and started to get excited about making the gazpacho soup, veggie salad and veggie grain crisps. I realized into the meal preparation, I didn’t have the the rye or the wheat berries to make the crisps. So I left out the crisps and admit to cheating!!!!

I made some hungarian langos for my fiancee and have to admit I ate some of the fried dough. I’m not proud, but only human.

I also realized, to avoid such headache and stomach ache… I have to have something to eat with the juice. And this morning that’s what I did. I made my 8oz carrot, apple juice and am eating organic flaxseed crunch.

I’m happy to report… So far so good!!! And for lunch I’m going to have pears and dinner is Zucchini salad and baked sweet potatoes.

The Gazpacho Soup and Salad was a hit with me and my fiancee… here’s to another success!!!

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