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The Juicer

Well, here I am sitting with my very first 8oz glass of carrot juice, freshly juiced and frothy. As I took my first sip of the orange drink, I was imagining a sweet and tasty mix… but I was pleasantly surprised. I knew it was carrots I just juiced, and that’s what the juice tasted like… not bad at all!

According to the “Recipes For Life” cookbook, carrot juice is the number one juice in our diet. It contains natural vitamins B,C,D,E,K and beta carotene, a precursor of vitamin A. Carrot juice is also said to help maintain the intestinal walls and helps to strengthen bones and teeth and it also cleanses the liver. The book also says, after drinking so much of the carrot juice my palms might turn orange. But that’s just from the body releasing toxins from the liver… the book also says it’s not a permanent skin color.!

So after the breakfast of carrot juice, there’s my feast on apples (until I’m satisfied) and then for lunch it’s an 8oz glass of carrot and celery juice.

And for dinner I’ll be mixing and matching a veggie salad with veggie grain crisps and a gazpacho soup.

Fingers crossed that I don’t fall of the RAW TO LOOSE 40 eating plan.

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This morning, I made the decision to order a green tea instead of my usual Starbucks 5 shot, 6 pump vanilla coffee. It’s a coffee I’ve been ordering for over a year and before that I was drinking a Starbucks mocha frappachino afogatto and before that it was an iced mocha.

The point is, I made the change regardless of how hard it was. And I continued that mindset of change when it came to the foods I ate today. Instead of sugar snacks, or chips, or all the other junk, I chose to eat grapes, and almonds for lunch, drank only water throughout the day, had a salad and a baked potatoe for dinner. This is all in an effort to loose weight the raw foods way.

I gradually made the decision to cut out all meats, and sodas for good a couple of months ago! Then, I started jogging, running and doing high impact exercise and it was making a difference. But still, after 5 years of packing on about 50lbs the weight wasn’t coming off. Admittedly, I tipped the scales at 200 plus pounds at one point. And all these tactics I employed to help loose weight I did because of medical reasons. Because I had gained the weight I aquired asthma, bad joints, no energy and no clothes. I was growing out of everthing.

So last night I weighed myself again, after several months of avoiding the box on the floor.
The numbers came back on the screen, 184lbs. I thought that was great. I even had a smile on my face. But I know that’s not the size I used to be when I was younger and healthy.

And that’s why today starts my new challenge to me and my body, when I GO RAW TO LOOSE 40. Here’s the plan, I’m giving myself 8 months to loose this extra 40lbs, keep it off, and learn to live healthy by 40. That means I will weigh in at 144lbs by June 2nd, 2010 for my 40th birthday.

My friend, who has gone totally raw herself, bought me the “RECIPES FOR LIFE” cookbook which has only vegetable and fruit based recipes. It’s a little overwhelming breezing through the book, not being able to eat the foods you’re used, but I’m gonna give it a shot. And in the back of the book is a 12 day menu, I plan to follow to a T.

Follow along with me as I take the challenge to GO RAW TO LOOSE 40.

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